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Bentley Returned to the Show Ring in April 2014, expertly handled by renowned Brazilian handler, Eduardo Paris!

EDUARDO PARIS is a professional handler with 14 years of experience, specializing in Bulldogs for 11 years, showing primarily in Brazil and other locations outside of the U.S. Bulldogs shown by Eduardo have won the Brazilian ranking for the past seven years and have won the Brazilian Nationals four times. Mr. Paris has shown Bulldogs to countless BISS and more than 100 all-breed Bests in Show and has finished many champions and grand champions.

How Did We Get Here
I’ve loved Bulldogs since a childhood vacation to Wildwood, NJ, where the neighbors next to our vacation home had two Bulldogs named Petunia and Daisy. I hung around with them for hours, petting and talking to them and generally loving their Bulldog-osity. I promised myself then that one day I would have a Bulldog of my own.

My husband and I adopted our first Bulldog, Toby, from a rescue in February 2003. He was 18 months old and we were hooked! We fell in love with the breed and became involved with Bulldog rescue; eventually, I became the rescue coordinator for HeavenSent Bulldog Rescue. We adopted our second Bulldog, Bebe, at age 7. I was worried that our time with her would be short, but she lived until a few weeks shy of her 15th birthday. More than 80 bulldogs were fostered in our house on their way to FURever homes. We also adopted, over the years, Bunny, and then Spike and Molly, a bonded pair who came as fosters and never left.

One day, I got a call about a blind, lame senior Bulldog in a shelter in North Philadelphia. I couldn't NOT go get him, even with a full house and the experience to realize he probably had little chance of adoption. I went to get Tiger and I knew we belonged together. He was not blind or lame; he walked into our home like he had lived there forever, and I knew he belonged with me.

Tiger arrived in December and stayed only 15 months, but my time with him was priceless and worth every second of the pain of his loss. He saw me through some very, very rough times. When we lost him, I thought I would die. That was February 22, 2009. My other dogs and the rescue made me keep going; those responsibilities truly forced me to pull it together.

Meanwhile, my very dear friends, Katherine Rodriguez and Nikki Bermea, who always helped with rescue and had encouraged me to become a member of the Bulldog Club of America and the Bulldog Club of Philadelphia, were breeding and showing Bulldogs. (Just Lonestar Bulldogs) Nikki and Katherine wanted to give me a puppy to help me with my loss, but I wasn't ready. I had never raised a puppy, and I felt it would be wrong for me to take any dog other than a homeless one who was really in need of a home.

In September 2009, Nikki and Katherine had puppies. They encouraged me to meet them. We went to see them in early November, and I fell in love with a ticked puppy. His mother was Ch. Cherokee Lonestar Just Delicious (“Sweetie”) and his father was Ch. Cherokee Ultimate Plato. He joined our family a week or so later. I still don’t know how I came up with his registered name, it was just HIS name: Just Lonestar Bright Lights Big City. It took longer to decide on his call name, but after much discussion, we knew he was Bentley. Little did I know, but my life was about to change!

Bentley was a perfect puppy. He never chewed anything, he got the house-training thing almost immediately, he loved the other dogs in my home, including the foster dogs who came through, and when he got tired, he would put himself to bed, sometimes in the laundry basket and sometimes right in bed with his Uncle Spike. He also loved to snuggle with me on the couch. I loved watching his puppy antics and seeing him grow.

Heart of a Champion
I had no plans to show Bentley. For fun, I took him to what was a first for both of us – a puppy match at the Lenape Bulldog Specialty in January 2010, and even though I had no idea what I was doing, he did very well! A number of people who I met that day told me he had beautiful movement – I wasn’t even sure what they meant!

Bentley was shown for the first time during the Bull-ossum Cluster Specialty Shows in April 2010 at seven months old. The first night, at the Bulldog Club of Connecticut show, Bentley went Best in Sweeps under Breeder-Judge Jeff Ryman and then Best Puppy under Breeder-Judge Rick Franz. The next day, he won Sweeps again, then Best Puppy and Winners Dog at the Lower Susquehanna Bulldog Club under breeder-judge Mrs. Claudia Brown, winning a specialty major from the 6-9 class! I literally asked what one did with the points that everyone was so excited he had won. Despite my lack of knowledge, Bentley was on his way to becoming a champion. What a weekend! It wasn’t a surprise to anyone (except me) that Bentley was a natural as a show dog.

After summer vacation, Bentley went back to the ring in August. He finished very quickly, with many prestigious wins, including Best In Show puppy at Harrisburg KC and then winning the Non-Sporting Group at the esteemed Somerset Hills Kennel Club under Judge Dr. Tamas Jakkel. He had just finished his championship that day, going Best of Breed over specials. Bentley celebrated his first birthday that weekend. A week later, he won the Group again, this time at Cape Cod Kennel Club under Judge Mrs. Sandy Wheat.

One month later, we traveled to Kentucky for our first Bulldog Club of America National Specialty Show, where Bentley was National Specialty Best in Show at only 13 months old under Breeder-Judge Elizabeth Hugo-Milam. Wow!!!

The Show Must Go On
Bentley's career continued despite a few unexpected turns in the road. He is a Silver Grand Champion, and in addition to his spectacular National Specialty Best in Show, he has won multiple Best in Specialty Shows, multiple Groups, countless Group placements and Best of Breed awards. In 2012, he added another major notch to his belt, going Best in Show at the Fox River Valley Kennel Club all-breed show.

Harrold McDermott showed Bentley beginning in November 2011. Harrold and Bentley appeared on television in the National Dog Show on Thanksgiving of that year, and finally my non-dog show friends and family had a chance to see for themselves the activity that had become my passion.

After many highlights, Bentley showed at the 2012 BCA National Show in California, where he was awarded Select Dog and Best Stud Dog under breeder-judge Robin Stansell. He ended 2012 ranked #8 Bulldog in the country (breed and all-breed), and among the Bulldogs shown by an amateur handler, he was #1 Bulldog (all-breed totals) and #2 (breed totals).

After a personal tragedy in March 2013, Bentley went into retirement for a year, out of respect for Harrold, who was a good friend to Bentley and me.

Bentley’s Brag Book
Bentley has sired nine champions to date, with very limited breeding:
Brooklyn Ch. Just Lonestar Bright Lights Bada Bling (Brooklyn)
Click here for the full photo
Sapphire Ch. Major League Crown Jewel (Sapphire)
Click here for the full photo
Posh Ch. Major League Glitterati (Posh)
Click here for the full photo
Prim Ch. Major League Primrose (Prim)
Click here for the full photo
Weegy GCh. Classay Major League Sacagawea (Weegy)
Click here for the full photo
Lana Ch. Rocyn’s Hot’lanta (Lana)
Click here for the full photo
Aayla Ch. Classay Major League Aayla (Aayla)
Click here for the full photo
Slugger Ch. Rocyn’s Louisville Slugger (Slugger)
Click here for the full photo
Bentina Ch. Pop-A-Top Touchstone Girl on Fire (Bentina)
Click here for the full photo
Several additional offspring are close to finishing and have been winning in the show ring. We expect Bentley to be inducted into the Bulldog Club of America Hall of Fame in 2014.

Kara Gordon


GCh. Just Lonestar Bright Lights Big City

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